elephy is a Brussels-based production and distribution platform for film and media art. It supports its productions by providing them with an artist-run professional framework which ensures that they can be made with the greatest artistic freedom. more


This Autumn, Eva Giolo will be traveling to Fogo Island (CA) to start her artist residency at Fogo Islands Arts, where she’ll be working on a new film. Rebecca Jane Arthur has been invited to exhibit at Le Musée de la Photographie from 21 May to 18 September 2022. Chloë Delanghe is an artist-in-residence at Cité Internationale des Arts residents this summer from July-September 2022. Christina Stuhlberger continues her research project Double Voiced: poetics of exchange in documentary film (part of the Intermedia Unit at LUCA).

Further, we are delighted to announce that the limited-edition publication BE GOOD, IF YOU CAN’T BE GOOD, BE GOOD AT IT Boom Boom Boom Boom (CVB/GSARA/elephy, 2021) by Rebecca Jane Arthur and Eva Giolo is now available for pick up at elephy office (Rue de Laeken 101) and WIELS bookshop (price €25). Please email info@elephy.org


12 Apr 2022–4 Sep 2022 Exhibition

Il video rende felici. Videoarte in Italia
curated by Valentina Valentini

Gil (Eva Giolo)
16 Aug 2022–21 Aug 2022 Screening

(video library)

31 Aug 2022 Screening
1 Sep 2022–7 Sep 2022 Exhibition
JeongDong Art Center Seoul, KP
9 Sep 2022 Screening
30 Sep 2022–16 Oct 2022 Screening
New York Film Festival New York, US
21 Oct 2022 Exhibition
Trafó Gallery Prague, CZ