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At the International Film Festival Rotterdam
IFFR” this year, two of elephy’s artists have contributed to a feature-length omnibus film of 5 shorts in homage to Chantal Akerman called yours, that will screen on the 27th & 29th of January, and on the 2nd of February.

Join them, if you can, and discover Eva Giolo’s Stone, Hat, Ribbon and Rose link” & Rebecca Jane Arthur’s Barefoot Birthdays on Unbreakable Glass link.

Back at home, in Brussels, as part of the national competition category of Festival En Ville”, Rebecca’s film Hit Him on the Head with a Hard Heavy Hammer link will screen at Cinema Galeries on Thursday 1 February.

Chloë Delanghe & co-director Mattijs Driesen are in the final stages of their experimenatal film Hexam Heads link. Watch this space for news of its arrival!

Eva is busy preparing for her exhibition in the Dolomites this spring as part of Italy’s Biennale Gherdëina.

And in Vienna, we are delighted to announce that Christina Stuhlberger’s film Saying not said link has been selected as new acquisition by the Austrian film archive and distributor sixpackfilm.

All the while, elephy’s heart and mind is with the people of Gaza and the hostages taken on the 7th of October. We support, unequivocally, an immediate ceasefire and a free Palestine, and condemn Israel’s unrelentless attack on the Palestinian people.


✍︎Amnesty International

Hunting for safety
and eager for peace
We follow the leaders who chew up
the land (…)

I’m standing in place
I’m holding your hand
and pieces of children
on patches of sand

- June Jordan, ‘March Song’, Living Room (1985)
Living Room June Jordan Palestine Reader


1 Oct 2023–31 Dec 2024 Screening
DAFilms.com Prague, CZ
Liberty: an ephemeral statute (Rebecca Jane Arthur)
17 Apr 2024–27 Apr 2024 Screening
Beurschouwburg Brussels, BE
24 Apr 2024 Screening
24 Apr 2024–30 Apr 2024 Screening
Becoming Landscape (Eva Giolo)
15 May 2024–26 May 2024 Screening
Silent Conversations (Eva Giolo)
23 May 2024 Screening
Barefoot Birthdays on Unbreakable Glass (Rebecca Jane Arthur)
yours, (Eva Giolo, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Katja Mater, Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat, Maaike Neuville)
Stone, Hat, Ribbon and Rose (Eva Giolo)
23 May 2024–2 Jun 2024 Screening
31 May 2024–1 Sep 2024 Exhibition
Biennale Gherdëina Dolomites, IT