Chloë Delanghe

Hexham Heads

(post production) 4:3, colour and black and white, stereo, 16mm, 6x4.5cm photographs and VHS scanned to digital file, UK/BE, 35'

In 1971, a family living in the town of Hexham was plagued by a series of paranormal events. After bringing a pair of small stone heads into their home, the family became terrorized by the ghostly sounds and images these objects exerted. Hexham Heads adopts an impressionistic approach to this contemporary folk tale.

Using the story as a point of departure, the film guides us through a multitude of spaces in which time and matter become still-frozen, stretched, and repeated. A darkroom, an apartment, a house, a warehouse for construction materials, are all connected and portrayed through the spectral lens of photography.

The film is a collaboration between artist and filmmaker Chloë Delanghe and filmmaker Mattijs Driesen.

Film by Chloë Delanghe and Mattijs Driesen
Music composed by Sam Comerford

Camera – Mattijs Driesen, Chloë Delanghe, Geert Delanghe, Tuur Oosterlinck
Music performed by Ultan O’Brien, Branwen Kavanagh, Sam Comerford, Hendrik Lasure en Neil Ó Lochlainn
Music recorded by Koen Gisen at La Patrie
Colour grading – Marie-Sarah Piron

Supported by:

Departement Cultuur Jeugd en Media, Kunstendecreet