Christina Stuhlberger

Saying not Said

3-channel installation, 4K video and record, color, 4:3, 26’

This installation portrays two mother-daughter relationships of first- and second-generation immigrants of Filipino descent living in Europe. The four women, including the artist, enter a dialogue in person and on screen, each at a different moment in their lives. While one daughter has acquired her mother’s language, the other has not. It is a personal effort to trace intimacy and knowledge arising from the verbal and the non-verbal, the grammatically incorrect and words unspoken.

Saying not said consists of two videos and a record. Side A of the vinyl record repeats the soundtrack of the video on the left projection, but this time recorded and processed in a fully analog workflow whereas the video soundtrack is recorded digitally. The record invites the audience to focus on voice as sound, presence of the speakers and sound quality, independent of apparent meaning.

13 Nov 2024–14 Dec 2024 Exhibition

Living Apart Together

Diagonale Graz, AT
Kunsthal Extra City Antwerp, BE