In 2019, elephy initiated MIA (Moving Image Atelier): a series of workshops developed for artists and filmmakers working alone or with small crews in the undefined territory between cinema and visual arts. MIA was made possible with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and the help of local partners ARGOS Centre for Ausiovisual Arts, Auguste Orts, Beursschouwburg, iMAL, KASK school of arts, NETWERK Aalst, and Q-O2.

Elephy completed her first production, A Tongue Called Mother by Eva Giolo, which was made with the VAF Wildcard and co-produced by Auguste Orts, and received production funding from VAF for her second production, Liberty: An Ephemeral Statute by Rebecca Jane Arthur, a co-production with ARGOS Centre for Ausiovisual Arts and Beursschouwburg.

Elephy artists were invited to exhibit together at Size Matters in Vienna.

Elephy was granted the operation subsidy (werkingssubsidie) of the Flemish Community Commission in Brussels (VGC).

Elephy helped to create and launch PAM (platform for audiovisual and media arts). PAM shares knowledge about the development, production, distribution, presentation, and reflection of audiovisual and media arts.


18 Mar 2019–23 Mar 2019 Talk
KASK Ghent, BE

MIA Pilot
Workshops hosted by elephy


7 Apr 2019 Screening

Eva Giolo

7 Apr 2019–16 Aug 2019 Exhibition
Witte de With Rotterdam, NL

An Exhibition of Posters
Group Exhibition
Chloë Delanghe

18 Apr 2019 Talk
Beursschouwburg Brussels, BE

Conversation 4#
Eva Giolo & Rebecca Jane Arthur

25 Apr 2019–28 Apr 2019 Screening

Magic and Loss
Cloë Delanghe

Magic, a portrait of Joris (Chloë Delanghe)


16 May 2019–19 May 2019 Exhibition
M HKA Antwerp, BE

Group exhibition
Eva Giolo


6 Jun 2019–8 Jun 2019 Exhibition

Group exhibition – elephy

Ready-mades with Interest (Rebecca Jane Arthur)
A Tongue Called Mother (Eva Giolo)
On Difference (Christina Stuhlberger)
Magic, a portrait of Joris (Chloë Delanghe)


9 Jul 2019–15 Jul 2019 Screening
FIDMarseille Marseille, FR

International Premiere
Eva Giolo

13 Jul 2019 Talk
Netwerk Aalst Aalst, BE

Workshop MIA: Inner voice – on using the voice as a tool
A workshop with Sonia Pastecchia
Hosted by elephy


1 Sep 2019–1 Dec 2019 Residency

Chloë Delanghe


4 Oct 2019 Talk
Tricoterie Brussels, BE

Round table conversation with Christina Stuhlberger

12 Oct 2019 Talk
Beursschouwburg Brussels, BE

Letter as a gesture of love: reading on writing
Reading session with Eva Giolo and Rebecca Jane Arthur

17 Oct 2019 Talk
l'ERG Brussels, BE

Les Lieux et les mots
Writing workshop lead by Eva Giolo and Rebecca Jane Arthur

23 Oct 2019 Screening
KASKCinema Ghent, BE
29 Oct 2019 Talk
Argos Brussels, BE

MIA #1: On editing & file management
Workshop initiated by elephy


12 Nov 2019–1 Dec 2019 Exhibition

VISIO. Moving Images After Post-Internet
European Programme on Artists’ Moving Images
curated by Leonardo Bigazzi

Ready-mades with Interest (Rebecca Jane Arthur)
Gil (Eva Giolo)
15 Nov 2019 Screening
21 Nov 2019–15 Dec 2019 Exhibition
HISK Ghent, BE

An Island of Multiple Bridges
Eva Giolo

24 Nov 2019 Talk
Q02 Brussels, BE

MIA#2 On sound and microphones.
Workshop initiated by elephy

29 Nov 2019 Talk
Witte de With Rotterdam, NL

Poster Talks (Chloë Delanghe)


4 Dec 2019 Screening
Argos Brussels, BE

Screen Writing: Screening and talk with Jan Locus
Eva Giolo & Rebecca Jane Arthur

6 Dec 2019–7 Dec 2019 Talk
AAIR / STRT Kit Antwerp, BE

We’re This And We’re That Aren’t We?
Publication launch
Chloë Delanghe

7 Dec 2019–22 Dec 2019 Exhibition
De Brakke Grond Amsterdam, NL

Folding Figures
Solo exhibition
Eva Giolo

11 Dec 2019 Screening
Beursschouwburg Brussels, BE

What’s love got to do with it?
elephy presents Margaret Salmon

11 Dec 2019 Talk
Beursschouwburg Brussels, BE

MIA #3: On Light and Camera
Workshop initiated by elephy

11 Dec 2019–12 Dec 2019 Screening
Remote (Eva Giolo)
A Tongue Called Mother (Eva Giolo)