Moving Image Atelier

Pilot: Colour Grading

20 & 21 March 2019, KASK cinema Ghent

Colour grading workshop

This workshop combines two aspects of post-production. First, we discuss how different formats (DCP, bluray, H.254) influence the image quality. Josja shows test images that, on a big screen, allow a detailed analysis and comparison. Afterwards, we focus on colour grading as a creative tool to realise and define your artistic vision.

For this we
- Examine examples where colour is part of narration.
- Go through the visual material before and after the colour grading and discuss what it does to it and why.
- Explain how to work with LUTs and the use of working with a log image.
The second day, the participants gain basic knowledge through a grading exercise.

Material needed:
- Own piece of film to work with (could be the result of the camera-exercise).
- Da Vinci Lite to download for free and installed on own laptop. Participants without their own computers can work together in the editing room.

Location: KASK cinema, Ghent
Date and time: 20 & 21 maart, 9.30 u tot 17u.
Speaker: Josja van Zadelhoff (Studio Charbon)
Language: Dutch