Chloë Delanghe

(X) Blue Pictures

ongoing series of cyanotypes of drawings by Geert Delanghe

Cyanide is a toxic chemical compound mainly used in the mining and medical industry. Cyan is also one of the four primary colours, more commonly referred to as the colour blue. Cyanotypes, then, are the result of a photographic printing process mainly used as a low-cost technique to produce copies of drawings. These copies are referred to as blueprints. For these works Delanghe uses the cyanotype technique to re-
produce drawings from her father’s personal archive. The often dark and disturbing scribbles and doodles evoke a state of distress.

(x) Blue pictures, 2020-2021, 108 cyanotypes based on drawings by Geert Delanghe, glass, steel base

De Brakke Grond Amsterdam, NL
Kunsthal Extra City Antwerp, BE
The Living Room Antwerp, BE