Chloë Delanghe

Magazine clippings

Framed photographic lambda prints, 2023

Magazine clippings shows colorful clippings the artist received from her mother. They come from women’s hairstyle magazines and the mail-order jewelry catalogs from British Argos. The sentimental captions and bright colors express a desire to look more beautiful. However, rather than exude the intended stylish glamour, the images look flashy. By rephotographing the clippings, Delanghe contrasts their specific, lush aesthetic with the formal registration by a camera. The series invites reflection on the performativity of fashion. By presenting ourselves in a certain way, we (re)claim our identity. Magazine clippings thus challenges clichés about class and aesthetics.

Magazine clippings (Mum’s hairstyles) 2023
Magazine clippings (Mum’s Argos jewelry catalog) 2023

Kunsthal Extra City Antwerp, BE