Rebecca Jane Arthur Eva Giolo



In yours,, a group of artists reflect on both the relationship between different artistic practices and the balance between individual and collective works, as they come together to create one joint work dedicated to Chantal Akerman.

Throughout its five short films, yours, interacts with different facets of Akerman’s extensive body of work as it revisits many themes elemental to her films: from alienation to a variety of mother-daughter relationships and reflections on the mourning of loved ones.

Akerman’s career is reflected geographically as well. Taking News from Home (1976) as a starting point, we travel from the subways in Brussels through the interior of domestic spaces, the details of handwritten notes, to the Negev desert where Akerman shot parts of her final film No Home Movie (2015), until, finally, we cross an ocean in an attempt to return.

Ultimately, yours, functions both as a cinematic dialogue and as love letter to someone no longer here. Shot partly on 16mm, the result is a heartfelt homage in five parts that shimmers with compassion and tenderness.

– Koen de Rooij (IFFR)

yours, (2023)
one collective process, five films, in homage to Chantal Akerman
directed by Eva Giolo, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Katja Mater, Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat, Maaike Neuville
The collective process was moderated by Fairuz Ghammam
Producer Andrea Cinel
Post-production management Esteban Lloret Linares & Fairuz Ghammam
Grading Miléna Trivier
Mixing Laszlo Umbreit
Credits Maaike Beuten
Facilities argos centre for audiovisual arts, beursschouwburg, Bruits, Cobalt, Color by Dejonghe, elephy, Empire Digital, LABO BXL, Stempel, Studio Baxton
Subtitling The Subtitling Company
Produced by kunstencentrum nona in the context of C0N10UR
With the support of The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), KAAP, argos centre for audiovisual arts, Messidor, elephy, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium