Chloë Delanghe


videoinstallation, double projection 6 - 9 seconds, looped, mono

There is a long-standing tradition of horror stories about possessed of haunted objects. The inanimate becomes animated, and machines originally designed to serve us, turn against us. Here, two short looped videos show Delanghe’s photo camera malfunctioning, without cause. These videos operate as a counterpoint to many of her other works: there is no output here, only the experience of the uncontrollable, the unexplainable, the disconcerting. There is no control, no framing, no edit. The familiar apparatus that produced many of Delanghe’s other image-based works now itself becomes the subject of our gaze. Yet what we see remains indecephiberable. – Samuel Saelemakers

Installation views – De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (2021)
Photo’s: LNDWstudio
Technical support – Sam Comerford

De Brakke Grond Amsterdam, NL