Eva Giolo

The Taste of Tangerines

16 mm transferred to digital, colour, Japanese spoken, Dutch/English subtitles, 2020, 10’34” and birch tea room 280cm x 280cm

The Taste of Tangerines paints the portrait of Ocho (Yutakamachiocho) a small in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. After ten years apart, a grandmother shares her memories of the island with her grandson. The film is both an account of the past and an impression of her daily life. Alternating word and image fragments the film slowly unfold and (re)constructs memories and stories. A search for the present and the past. An observation of that which produce a series of visual haiku.

The platform gently invites the spectator to sit down to discover the film. The is gesture is a way of physically entering the universe of the film and to physically experience its intimacy.

The platform is a modular scenography piece developed by Yuichiro Onuma – Bureauy. Slightly elevated from the ground, the platform is accessible by a few steps which are deliberately detached from the platform itself. The subtle floor drawing of 900×1800mm plywood panels and its wooden scent reminisces entering a Japanese house with the presence of the woven ‘tatami’ smell. A screen is attached on one side of the structure, imitating the size of the panels.

Directed, filmed and edited by Eva Giolo
Featuring Taiko Tanaka, Yuichiro Onuma
Sound design Simonluca Laitempergher
Colourist Lennert de Taeye
Scenography by Yuichiro Onuma – Bureauy

Lago Film Fest Revine Lago, IT
Fogo Island Cinema Fogo Island, CA
Kunsthal Extra City Antwerp, BE
De Brakke Grond Amsterdam, NL
HISK Ghent, BE