Rebecca Jane Arthur

Sun Silhouettes

2018, 4:3 ratio screens painted in white, silver and one in photographic emulsion, varying sizes

Sun Silhouettes is a series of screens that capture fragments and moments of nature’s cyclical changes. The garden is a compass of time: season to season is marked by the budding, blooming, wilting and dying of foliage; hour to hour is marked by light, shadow and darkness.

With the Belgian sun as the draughtsman, and the Stadsmus garden’s plants, fixtures, and visitors creating the (moving) images, the screens are a minimal intervention that ask the visitor to pause for a moment in appreciation of the spectacle of light and shadow that the sun performs.

The screens were made to map the sun’s journey through the Stadsmus Garden during opening hours, as part of the exhibition Composition for a Garden – Green Ghosts of City Poetics. By each screen is an annotation of time and silhouette. As summer will enter and spring will fade out, the sun-made shapes will alter.