Eva Giolo

Stone, Hat, Ribbon and Rose


A map – a world – unfolds on a table. We take an audiovisual tour through Brussels, which at the same time forms a cinematic message to Chantal Akerman. Gray morning light reveals parked cars in quiet streets, a swimming pool without visitors, an empty metro platform. We’re taken to places where people spend a gray day: a gymnasium, a museum, a lost and found, a library, a cinema. Like Akerman often appeared on camera in her own films, we see Giolo, resting in a hotel room – the open window subtly lets in the sleeping city. Stone, Hat, Ribbon and Rose celebrate the passing of time in stillness and movement. Between the sounds and images of the city, silent, surreal scenes with objects are shown in a sky-blue studio: an inflated swimming ring, a red toy car, a still life, a vase, a rolled-up movie screen. An image of a subway corridor is suddenly reminiscent of an empty cinema screen, an open window, and the frame of a painting. The alternating, associative images function as absurd, critical, and poetic comments on everyday life.

Text by Natalie Gielen

Stone, Hat, Ribbon and Rose is part of Yours, one collective process, five films, in homage to Chantal Akerman

Featuring Anais Chabeur, Leonie Buysse, Cécile Ibarra
Pascale Gerbaux, Catherine Lottefier, Eva Giolo, Yuichiro Onuma
Koen Magerman, Gian Carlos, Jordi Wijnalda, Jean-Victor Pion
Izolda at Gare Centrale, Jérémy at Le Laboureur, Rebecca Jane Arthur
Zsolt Imre Miko, Pauline Miko, Anouk Miko Loinard, Annick Lestabel
Rossano Giolo, Pascale Gerbaux

Stone, Hat, Ribbon and Rose is part of yours, (2023)
one collective process, five films, in homage to Chantal Akerman

Directed by Eva Giolo, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Katja Mater, Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat, Maaike Neuville
The collective process was moderated by Fairuz Ghammam
Producer Andrea Cinel
Post-production management Esteban Lloret Linares & Fairuz Ghammam
Sound design Simonluca Laitempergher
Grading Miléna Trivier
Mixing Laszlo Umbreit
Credits Maaike Beuten
Facilities: argos centre for audiovisual arts, beursschouwburg, Bruits, Cobalt, Color by Dejonghe, elephy, Empire Digital, LABO BXL, Stempel, Studio Baxton
Subtitling The Subtitling Company
Produced by kunstencentrum nona in the context of C0N10UR
Co-produced by Elephy
With the support of The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), KAAP, argos centre for audiovisual arts, Messidor, elephy, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium, Cinematek Royale de Bruxelles, Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Piscine de Saint Gilles, Friture Pitta de la chapelle, Academie de Jette, La bibliothèque Royale de Bruxelles (KBR), Hotel Le Berger, Bureau des objets trouvés du réseau STIB, Bar Le Laboureur, Gare centrale