Rebecca Jane Arthur

Three Sitters: Norman, Brian, Frances

Super 8 transfer to HD, double 8’24” looping projections, 4:3, colour and b/w, silent

Where we place our chairs at home defines us as our lives grow around them with the things that receive our attention and form our habitats. As the focal point for attention and observation in these portraits, each chair is a motif for setting one’s place in the world and each habitat is explored as a construction, dictated by presence and absence. The three sitters are siblings of a family separated and displaced during the Second World War. The portraits unite them in their own surroundings—homes constructed in later life.

Directed, filmed and edited by Rebecca Jane Arthur
Produced by elephy
Colourist Lennert De Taeye
Featuring Norman Arthur, Brian Arthur, Frances Day

Installation technical drawings & support Raúl I. Lima
Screen building Charlie Usher

This project was made possible with the support of Kunstendecreet of Department CJM, Tabakalera, and elephy.