Christina Stuhlberger


video installation

Rebels retraces a work of Johan Grimonprez titled “Comment Filmer Molenbeek?”, a work that documents a filmmaking workshop in the early 90s. The artist followed the group of youths from Molenbeek exploring their neighborhood through the camera. Thirty years later, the group we follow are members of the all-girls basketball club Molenbeek Rebels during a two-day foray into filmmaking.

4K and HD video, color, 16:9, stereo, BE, 2022,12’35’’
by Christina Stuhlberger

Filmer Molenbeek
2-channel HD video , color, 16:9, stereo, BE, 2022, 3’
by Molenbeek Rebels in collaboration with Christina Stuhlberger
Edited from the workshop participant’s footage.

Comment Filmer Molenbeek?
Super 8 transferred to digital file, color and b/w, 1993, 5’
by Johan Grimonprez
Comment Filmer Molenbeek follows participants of a filmmakers’ workshop in Molenbeek, initiated by Francisca Lambrechts.