Eva Giolo


HD video, color, 16:9, stereo, French spoken, English subtitles, BE, 2016, 9’32’’

Shattered is a 10-minute-long short movie about the emotional life of her grandmother suffering from Alzheimer. In this movie, the spectator wanders in a silent and desolated house sheltering fragments of an old woman’s life, a woman of lost words and confused gestures. Tenderness and despair.

Shattered has been on display at the following locations:
Laborattoirs, Centre culturel de Namur (2016), Namur BE
NEU NOW, Westergasfabriek (2016), Amsterdam NL
Het Grote Ongeduld!XTRa, BOZAR (2015), Brussels BE
Hommage, BOZAR (2015), Brussels BE
Courtisane Film Festival (2015), Ghent BE
Unfold l, Braam gallery (2015), Brussels BE
OFF off film Festival (2015), Ghent BE
Mu, Art Base Ishibiki 2-9-2 Ishibiki (2014), Kanazawa JP
In Out Film Festival (2014), Gdansk, PL