Eva Giolo


HD video, color, 16:9, stereo, French spoken, English subtitles, BE, 2016, 9’32’’

Shattered is a 10-minute-long short movie about the emotional life of her grandmother suffering from Alzheimer. In this movie, the spectator wanders in a silent and desolated house sheltering fragments of an old woman’s life, a woman of lost words and confused gestures. Tenderness and despair.

* Laborattoirs, Centre culturel de Namur (2016), Namur BE

  • NEU NOW, Westergasfabriek (2016), Amsterdam NL
  • Het Grote Ongeduld!XTRa, BOZAR (2015), Brussels BE
  • Hommage, BOZAR (2015), Brussels BE
  • Courtisane Film Festival (2015), Ghent BE
  • Unfold l, Braam gallery (2015), Brussels BE
  • OFF off film Festival (2015), Ghent BE
  • Mu, Art Base Ishibiki 2-9-2 Ishibiki (2014), Kanazawa JP
  • In Out Film Festival (2014), Gdansk, PL