Eva Giolo


HD video, color, 16:9, stereo, English spoken, BE, 2016, 24’32’’

Remote is a suggestive story. Portrait of a tender companionship in a secluded Irish countryside. Residing in the simplicity of the moment, the waiting and the repetition of days. This is a place where there is no space for imagining a future other than the perpetual repetition of the present. This is a place for survival, to be strong, alone with the wind, eyes burnt by the light. A place of unspoken tenderness, a landscape of silence and solitude in which there will always be someone.

Remote has been on display at the following locations:
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (2018), Paris FR
Theater Aan Zee (2017) Brugge, BE
Beeld, Het Bos (2017), Antwerp BE
Laborattoirs, Centre culturel de Namur (2017), Namur BE
LIGaMENT, Totum (2017), Ghent BE
International Film Festival Rotterdam (2017), Rotterdam NL
Visits, Het Bos (2016), Antwerp BE
De Donkere Materie, Amsterdam Roest (2016), Amsterdam NL
KASK films Première, Sphinx cinema (2016), Gent BE