Moving Image Atelier

Pilot: Camera

18-19 March 2019, KASK cinema Ghent

Cinematographic workshop

This workshop introduces several aspects of cinematography and the work of a Director of Photography. Among others…

- The different types of cameras and lenses (kinds and price categories) and the influence of choices in image properties and working methods.
- How to benefit optimally from simple set-ups and cheap material, f.e. when working with natural light and DSLRs (Digital Single-lens Reflex Cameras).
- Working together with a DP – the work procedures (location scouting, cut-up or découpage technique, etc.) and communication.
- LUTs (Lookup Tables) and colour grading from the perspective of a DP.
- Visual stylisation and how choices are formulated in function of the artistic vision.
During the first day of the workshop, these topics are treated and illustrated. On the second day, the participants work with Hans Bruch Jr. on a setting without artificial light sources.

Location: KASK cinema, Ghent
Date and Time: 18 & 19 March, 9.30am – 5pm
Speaker: Hans Bruch Jr.