Moving Image Atelier

Pilot: Bruitage or Sound Effect Making

22 & 24 March 2019, Minghella sound studio & Studio l’Equipe, Brussels

Bruitage workshop

Olivier Thys is one of the most famous bruiteurs of Belgium. During his visit at KASK, he gives an introduction to sound effect making (bruitage) and discusses the ways expression and narrative of a film are being shaped and fine-tuned by sound effects. We watch examples of films in which the bruitage plays a major role and discuss the before-and-after examples from Olivier’s own practice. Also, the participants come up with small set-ups to generate sound effects themselves.

The second day of the workshop takes place in the wonderful bruitage studio in Brussels at Studio l’Equipe. During this part of the workshop, the participants choose an existing piece and create sound effects for it with Olivier.

Location: Minghella sound studio & Studio l’Equipe, Brussels
Date and time: 22 & 24 March, 9.30am – 5pm
Guest teacher: Olivier Thys
Language: English