Platform for Audiovisual and Media arts

PAM Launch

The Platform for audiovisual and media arts has grown out of a diverse assembly of organisations working with artists’ film, sound art, or media art who regularly meet to discuss common issues. This informal platform now wants to share its knowledge with the broad community of artists, curators, producers and organisations active in this field.

The first public meeting of the platform was held at ARGOS on 3 December 2019. On that day, platform members introduced themselves briefly, followed by a number of parallel round tables on business aspects, production, distribution & networking, and grantwriting for subsidies. The themes of these round tables were partly determined by the participants.

The Platform for audiovisual and media arts is:
aifoon, ARGOS, Art Cinema OFFoff, Auguste Orts, Beursschouwburg, Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles-CBA, Cinemamaximiliaan, Constant, Contour, Courtisane, Elephy, Escautville, GLUON, Graphoui, Imagerie, iMAL, Jubilee, Lab-au, LABObxl, Messidor, Out of Sight, Overtoon, Qo2, SIC, Werktank.

Supported by Kunstenpunt.