Platform for Audiovisual and Media arts

PAM#5 Exchange NRW and Flanders

PAM p.m. 5 or ‘Border X-ing: conversations on media art’ is an online exchange moment between artists, curators, producers, researchers etc., within the sector of media art. There is a longstanding history of exchange between North Rhine-Westphalia and Flanders in media art and we would like to invite you to continue this tradition by attending these conversations.

With this event we will make the impossible possible in these COVID-times: meeting like-minded people internationally. Whether you might be looking for a production partner, a venue or festival to show your work, exploration of funding options, an artist to exhibit their work or if you just want to strike up a conversation with other art professionals within the media art sector (audiovisual, sound and media art), this exchange welcomes you.

After a plenary introduction and plenary sessions with spokespeople from PAM, and Flanders Arts Institute, you will be able to switch into smaller groups in breakout rooms. These groups will be themed by different fields of interest, we will ask of you to indicate your interests during your registration so we can match you with likeminded people. This way you can conversate in a casual manner.

29.04.2021 | 10:30-16:30
Talk — PAM p.m. 5 — Kunstenpunt/Exchange North Rein-Westphalia and Flanders
Location: Zoom