Eva Giolo


archive footages and home movies, Black and white, 4:3, stereo, English subtitles, BE, 2016, 4’43’’

At the core of this film collage is the artist’s search for the face of her deceased twin brother, who died without leaving behind any photographic record. Using archive footages and her own home movies, paradoxically his absence is rendered perceptible through a profusion of images. An indirect portrait as the confirmation of an existence.

Directed, filmed and edited by eva giolo
Music Conal Herron
Sound design Yoerik Roevens
With the support of KASK, Hercules Lab, Het Huis van Alijn

  • Gil has been on display at the following locations:
  • Palazzo Strozzi, VISIO (2019), Florence IT
  • Het Bos, Visit (2018) Antwerp, BE
  • Beursschouwburg (2018) Brussels, BE.
  • Imagine Science Film Festival (2017) New York, US
  • Coté court (2017) Paris, FR
  • Gouvernement (2017) Ghent, Belgium
  • IFFR (2017) Rotterdam, NL
  • Blaa Galleri (2016) Copenhagen, DE
  • KASK cinema, (2016) Ghent, BE
  • Collection:
  • Het Huis van Alijn, BE.
  • In Between Art Film, IT.